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Spiritual reflection

Often, life's pressures seem to overwelm us and leave little time for contemplating the greater issues in life. Jesus, and other biblical leaders, would often seek the serenity of the mountains to come closer to God and gain a greater spiritual peace.
Also for us today, going into the mountains, away from the pressures of everyday life, without a phone reception or emails, and taking time to reflect on the greater questions in life can be rewarding. Also from personal experience, I can say that I have had some of my deepest conversations in the mountains, where you have all the time in the world to open your heart and share with others. 

Whereever you are in life or your spiritual life, we aim to facilitate a trip in an environment that will allow you take time to find a deeper level of faith or to focus on certain topics. There is no pressure, and the direction you choose to conteplate is entirely up to you. We are not psychologists, but we are dedicated followers of Christ, who are there to facilitate this for you.

A 'Spiritual Reflection' trip can be combined with most of the mentioned adventures. We do ask that you have some sort of sense of what you're looking for from the trip, and we will ask this in advance.